CREW 2008 GRAND CREW Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Review – Gary Killops, Essex Wine Review

Filed in Wine Reviews on May 5, 2013

 5.00 Overall Score

 Winemaker’s Notes:
This delicious well balanced blend offers aromas of Chocolate truffles, cherry pipe tobacco  and rose water. The full mouth feel and well managed tannins glide across the palate with flavours of plum preserves, cocoa, and vanilla spice. Barrel aged 4 years. This extraordinary wine should be decanted before serving.

 AGEABLILITY: 7-10 years.

Pairs well with red meats and most savory dishes and will complement Asian inspired cuisine.

 VQA Lake Erie North Shore 14.5% alc./vol., Small lot of 105 cases
Price: 750 mL – $50.00

Nose ……………….. 5.0 from 5
Taste …………………. 5.0 from 5
Overall Impression …. 5.0 from 5

One Review for GRAND CREW Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2008

May 12th, 2013 – 9:41 am Review by Gary Killops
Nose ……………….. 5 from 5
Taste …………………. 5 from 5
Overall Impression …. 5 from 5

(5 out of 5 stars after decanting)

This is one big red wine.

Do yourself a big favour and decant before you serve it. I had the opportunity to taste this wine with the wine maker Bernie Gorski. I had my first taste shortly after Bernie opened the bottle. The wine was very closed, muted with only some dominate secondary vanilla notes. My first thought was that this wine either needs to be cellared for quite a few more years or as Bernie suggested decanted for about an hour.

No decanter was available so we let the bottle sit open for about a hour. This let some oxygen get into the bottle and mix with the wine. While not a perfect way to decant, it did help and the results showed.

Decant this wine, it will make a difference. The aromas and flavours come to life in both subtleness and complexity. When the wine mixes with some oxygen it evolved and came to life in that hour. This is not a cheap bottle of wine, treat it well and it will reward you.

The nose is very inviting, vanilla, dark chocolate, black cherry. The wine spent three years in French oak followed by a short time in American oak. On the palate, get ready for an explosion of ripe black berry fruit flavours, dark chocolate, vanilla, and well integrated silky smooth tannins.

If you like BIG California Cabernets from Napa, this wine is for you at half the price you would pay for one from there.

This is a BBQ steak wine! Grill it rare to medium rare and enjoy! Should drink well for the next 10 years if given proper cellaring conditions.

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