CREW 2011 Riesling – Gary Killops, Essex Wine Review

Filed in Wine Reviews on July 4, 2013

5.00 Overall Score

Winemaker’s Notes: This wine shows off the terroir of the area with an enticing nose of floral notes mingled with ‘wet stone’ minerality. On the palate experience a highly viscous wine full of stone fruit and mineral notes with a squeeze of lime on the finish. Drink now with salads containing fruit or nuts, spicy Asian or Indian food or strong blue cheeses.

VQA Lake Erie North Shore
12.1% alc./vol.
Price: 750 mL – $14.00
One Review for CREW 2011 Riesling, Gary Killops
Nose……………………… 5.0 from 5
Taste………………………5.0 from 5
Overall Impression……. 5.0 from 5
Bernie Gorski’s wine making experience is really starting to show in his 2011 Riesling. A wine maker who made some terrific red wines in the early years of the winery is now making some top shelf white wines now too. White wines take a lot more TLC, and with little room for error Bernie’s white wines are now among the finest in the region. There is really not a lot more that I can add that is not already in the winemaker’s notes above. The tasting notes are spot on. In addition to the citrus notes, I picked up some hints of apple on the palate. This wine’s minerality a bonus, it doesn’t come across as petrol or kerosene notes as often suggested when describing a Rieslings minerality, the wet stone suggest is perfect! CREW continues to offer excellent Lake Erie North Shore wines at very reasonable prices. This wine is a steal at $14! – See more at:

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