August 3, 2014 – Colchester Ridge Estate Winery’s 2013 Riesling VQA with Chicken Curry Roast. Garden to Table!

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Garden to Table!

It’s a summer veggie frenzy with fresh local produce from our Farmer’s Market. Enjoy a glass of Colchester Ridge Estate Winery’s 2013 Riesling while Chicken Curry Roast is is cooking on the grill.

The perfect pairing for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Chicken Curry Roast

With summer veggies being abundant we wanted to make a meal with the some of the fresh goods on hand – but we also had taste for curry – so here is what we did.

Being that this is summer we also decided to cook outside, using the gas grill as the oven and a large aluminum roasting pan and tin foil!


  • 5-6 medium fresh tomatoes, chopped in a large dice.
  • 1 good size fresh eggplant, cut into a medium dice.
  • An onion chopped.
  • A few peppers chopped, we used a mix of hot and sweet, depending on your desired heat, you can choose if to include hot peppers. Even if using hot peppers you can lower the heat by trimming the seeds and veins from the peppers – I went for the full effect!!
  •  Thai Basil – Minced (you could use regular basil as well, parsley or cilantro would work too).
  •  Garlic 3-4 cloves – grated or chopped.
  •  Ginger –finely chopped, at least a couple of tablespoons – more if you’re a ginger fan!!
  •  Oil – Olive or vegetable
  • Boneless Chicken breasts – 2 large – cubed into bite size pieces.
  •  Curry Powder – I used a medium, not much heat but lots of good flavor.
  •  Chicken Stock – 2 cups
  •  Salt & Pepper

Mix all of the veggies, garlic, ginger, Thai basil, curry and a bit of salt and pepper in the roasting pan, give it a good drizzle of oil and toss to get the oil on everything. Roast in the oven (or the grill) at about 400 for about 40-45 minutes, you want the veggies to be soft and starting to caramelize a bit.

Started with the pan covered for the first 20 minutes or so to help steam the mix. Then add the chicken and the stock, we would recommend covering the pan to get the chicken cooking, likely about 25 minutes.

Then uncover and give it a stir and cook until the chicken is cooked all the way through. Serve over a good Basmati or Jasmine rice.

Enjoy!! – Don’t forget the Wine!

CREW 2013 Riesling

Winemaker’s Tasting Note This wine shows off the terroir of the area with an enticing nose of floral notes mingled with ‘wet stone’ minerality. On the palate experience a highly viscous wine full of stone fruit and mineral notes with a squeeze of lime on the finish. Drink now with salads containing fruit or nuts, spicy Asian or Indian food or strong blue cheeses.

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