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Crabapple & Rosé Wine Jam | CREW Colchester Ridge Estate Winery . In stock
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Style: Crabapple & Rosé Wine Jam

It's not Happy Hour without Wine Jam!

For Lori McDonald, founder of Provisions Food Company, canning jams was only the beginning. In 2012, trained chef and cookbook author Lori McDonald decided to combine her background with her passion for the vineyards, orchards, and farms of the beautiful Niagara growing region of Canada.

Here at CREW, we recognize top talent! 

Crabapple & Rosé Wine Jam's tart fruitiness melds with the bright assertiveness of Rosé wine in this irresistible jam. Pair with your favourite triple crème cheeses. Serve with your favourite Rosé wine. 

Montmorency Cherry & Merlot Wine Jam - The cherries and velvety Merlot wine in this luxurious jam conspire to take your cheese board to new flavour heights. Pair with aged, hard cheeses. Serve with your favourite Merlot wine.