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Flavour: Smoked Salmon Pate

SeaChange has been creating sustainable and delicious Canadian seafood products for over 30 years. Our SeaChange seafood products only use wild salmon, contain the purest ingredients possible, are made to international food safety standards and
are authentically Canadian.

SeaChange pâtés are made with fresh seafood and cream. Made from original SeaChange recipes, these compact packages contain the most famous flavours in Canadian seafood. Each pate comes in an easy to open tin, making them ideal to bring camping, on picnics, or to any gathering to impress your friends!

Smoked Salmon Pâté: Made with wild Pacific pink salmon, considered the most sustainable of Canada’s six native salmon species. Delicious on thinly sliced baguette and garnish with a single caper or tiny slice of sweet red pepper.

Crab Pâté: Crab is native to almost every coastline in Canada, making us world-class crab producer. Delicious on crisp crackers with a thin slice of cucumber or a sprig of fresh dill.

Lobster Pâté: SeaChange Lobster Pâté is made with an original recipe using lobster meat from Canada's east coast, seasoned with a splash of brandy. Delicious on thin sliced sourdough bread, and garnish with a sliver of cornichon or sweet onion.

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