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Strawberry Pink Pepper | CREW Colchester Ridge Estate Winery . In stock
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Flavour: Strawberry Pink Pepper

Artisan Bean-to-Bar Chocolate crafted by hand with fine cacao ​beans from around the globe. Made right here in Windsor, Ontario!

Creme Brulee - Shards of caramelized sugar are enrobed with 40% white chocolate, made with beautiful Mexican vanilla beans.

Strawberry Pink Pepper - Papua New Guinea chocolate is blended with strawberries and pink peppercorns into a 68% dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is then swirled with a dollop of beautiful pink strawberry chocolate for a bright and fruity hit. Vegan and Dairy Free.

Honey Bee Salty - Honey-sweetened white chocolate, chunks of honeycomb candy, bits of dark chocolate covered potato chips and sprinkles of bee pollen.
Roasted White & Sea Salt - This 40% white chocolate is gently roasted at low temperatures to caramelize the milk solids. Then it's infused with vanilla and a touch of sea salt and blended until it's silky smooth.
Dark & Nibby - 83% Dark Chocolate from Ucayali River, Peru with notes of Dark Fruit and Bananas and a satisfying cocoa nib crunch. Dairy Free.


Morning Crunch - Notes coming soon!