Thank you for joining us at Colchester Ridge Estate Winery. Crew is a unique winery that offers a unique tasting experience.
We have implemented an eclectic and dynamic grazing menu featuring inventive tastes and textures to complement and enhance your journey with our wines.
Each dish focuses on a handful of flavours geared towards building food and wine synergy. Not lunch or dinner. No appetizers or entrees. No rules. Just our winery and your experience.
Our ingredients are sourced as close to us as possible. We strive to build relationships with the growers in our region to create tighter connections between producer & consumer, grower & gourmand, and ultimately, food & wine.
So please sit back, relax, and savour what we have to offer at crew. Let us know about any dietary restrictions and feel free to ask your server any questions that you may have.
– Chef Bj Turnbull