Divina Olives

Blue Cheese Stuffed | CREW Colchester Ridge Estate Winery . In stock
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Style: Blue Cheese Stuffed

Hand picked and hand stuffed, Divina produces the finest olives Mount Athos, Greece has to offer. From tangy to buttery to sweet, each variety adds an exciting twist to any meal.

Feta Stuffed - Ready to serve Appetizer or add to any Salad

Blue Cheese Stuffed - Perfect Martini Garnish or accompaniment to Buffalo Wings

Garlic Stuffed - Great on Salads and Charcuterie Boards, try with Aged Cheddar

Jalapeno Stuffed - Toss in Quesadillas, Taco Salads, or garnish a fancy Margarita

Bloody Mary - Or Caesar! Add to your preferred brunch drink or liven up a Cheese Board

Sweet Sangria - Serve with Sparkling Wine, alongside Goat Cheese, or add to Pasta Salad 

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