Grand Trunk (Stonetown Cheese)

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Stonetown Artisan Cheese is an on-farm cheese plant located in St. Marys, Ontario. Their award winning, hand crafted, alpine style cheese is made with fresh whole cow’s milk from their family farm. In order to obtain a great taste, the milk is unpasteurized and has no additives. This ensures that the cheese is pure and natural. 

Grand Trunk is rich and creamy on the palate with a nice balance of salt. The aromatic rind gives this cheese a contrasting texture to the interior and typical aromas associated with washed rind cheeses.

Named after the old railway bridge of the former Grand Trunk Railway in St. Marys, this cheese tastes excellent in sandwiches or on a cheese platter with fruits, dried meat and rustic bread. It is a great cheese for fondue or grilled cheese sandwiches.