Smashed Apple Seasonings

New Jerk City | CREW Colchester Ridge Estate Winery . In stock
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Blend: New Jerk City

Out of small town charm comes big bold flavours!
Smashed Apple's Goal is to bring it back old school style, where families cooked and ate together. Where preparing food was just as fun as eating it. Each blend is chef made, chef approved, and chef used.

Chef's Blend - Good for whatever you've got! The lineups most versatile blend includes Pink salt, Onion, Garlic, Smoked paprika, Mustard, lemon, lime, oregano, Parsley, Mace, white pepper.

New Jerk City - Dry rub or use as a wet marinade, our Jerk spice blend will add that delicious kick to your meals.

The Rub - Meat rub designed for all your hooved meat, infusing flavour into whatever you cook, grill, bake, broil...

Rajun' Cajun - This Cajun spice blend contains super flavourful components such as garlic, onion, oregano, and thyme. Use to liven up chicken, fish, shrimp... Make an amazing Cajun pasta, possibilities are endless.

Jalapeno Cheddar - Casseroles will never be the same! Add to eggs, chicken, pork, Caesar salads, garlic bread, popcorn, pumpkin seeds...The flavour is so amazing you'll want to use it on everything.